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Cobwebs is run by partners Ann Buchanan & Jon Sangster.

We started COBWEBS  in 1997, having spent the previous five years on the Antique & Collectors Fairs circuit

We carry a vast range of items catering for many types of collectors.

Tools for woodworkers,planes by Norris, Preston, Stanley, Record etc.

Agricultural tools and Bygones.

Paraffin pressure lamps by TILLEY, VAPORLUX & BIALADDIN, together with pressure stoves and blowlamps.

Kitchenalia including china & enamelware..

Books, trade & reference manuals, sports & hobbies, childrens' annuals, comics & stories.

Jigsaw puzzles, playing cards & games.

Advertising - tins, bottles & packaging.

Plus a miriad of items that refuse to be labelled! (except with a price tag)